Veronika Reichenberger

Aging is Just a Number

‘Aging is just a number’ brings the theme of aging to the surface of our collective unconscious.
The main focus of the film is the pressure caused by the media, the fashion industry and society on women’s 30s, discussing also other issues influenced by social pressure referring to aging.

My Body My Hair

‘My Body, My Hair’ is a documentary filmed in London, which enters the world of women and body hair. The theme is reflected upon through the eyes of six women who chose to maintain their body hair. This film was made during a Visual Anthropology Masters at Goldsmiths College, Unversity of London.

A Evolução do Choro

What is the new choro? How has it changed from its traditional form? Musicians help us understand this evolution. Discover also the difference between choros from different Brazilian regions and about women in choro.